Krishnakumar Menon

Krishnakumar Menon is a Creative and Technical Artist holding a vision and expertise in filmmaking and videography, with experience and knowledge of working at every stage of production, from idea to screen, with different teams in diverse sectors.

His book titled The Short Film Index was published across major online platforms in the year 2016. Krishnakumar Menon, under Red Wolf Entertainment, worked on various video projects ranging from music videos to corporate videos. His film The Perfect Match(Dir: Neha Pawar) is streaming on Disney+ Hoststar and has millions of views on YouTube. The film was screened at prestigious film festivals like TIFF and SIGNS.

Krishnakumar co-founded Concoct Motion Pictures with Dr. Shivangi Pawar and Tejas Joshi, and is currently perusing filmmaking opportunities especially for OTT media and Television. Concoct is a full-fledged creative agency specialized in the development and production of feature films, short films, music videos, television commercials, digital advertising and websites. Krishnakumar is editing most of the Concoct projects by also majorly taking part in other creative and technical tasks at Concoct.Krishnakumar Menon also conducted an extensive research on AIDS topic and was part of the Writers and Researchers team at Concoct.

Nashikites.com is an entertainment startup owned and managed by Krishnakumar Menon, co-founded with Christopher Parge, Jose Rajendran & Shubham Singh.